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deviation in storage by shizuce-bluefire
deviation in storage by shizuce-bluefire



Page 1

Panel 1:  ( and a Field surrounded by trees a boy stand there with his hood over his head half covering his face holding a sword standing  there at a face off with a Kira a demon monster as it rains hard)

Panel 2: ( The boy ran at the Kira holding his sword tightly with both hands )

Panel 3: ( the Kira And the boy clashes as the lightning flashed)

Page 2:

Panel 1: ( the boy juggle back flipped sliding back

Panel 2: ( the Kira fired a dark ball of energy of Reiki)

Panel 3: ( the boy cut the beast attack in half as it explodes  behind him

Panel 4: (the boy got in a kendo stance )

Hattori: My turn….

Page 3:

Panel 1: ( Reiki surged out his sword

Panel 2: ( showing his right eye inside the hood glowing brightly blue)

Hattori: Dragon Dance…

Panel 3: (The boy swung his sword strongly releasing a beam of Reiki energy

Panel 4: (The beam swiped the beast away as it fades in the beam roaring

Kira: (with a fading roar): MURUUUAAAAAH!!!!

Page 4:

Panel 1: ( the blast explodes also showing Hattori's full back

Panel 2: (Boy put his sword back in the holder on his belt)

Page 5:

Panel 1: ( the boy turned around)

Panel 2: the boy disappeared from the battle ground-

Panel 3: (The boy re-appeared outside as a girl was leaned on a tree surrounded by dead kira's)

Page 6:

Panel 1: The girl and boy looked at each other)

Uzume:  Let's head out before we get caught by anyone

Hattori: Yeah…let's go

Panel 2: (the two both vanished )

Panel 3: ( show the sky

Page 7:

Panel 1: (Shows a big Academy)

Panel 2: (The Girl and boy are walking together in the hall way as people)

Uzume:  See ya after class bro

Hattori: Right…

Panel 3: (The girl departed to another hall)

Panel 4: the boy kept walking ahead with his eyes closed)

Hattori: Thinking to himself: My name is Hattori takayuki , Im 17 years old and a Onmyoji . We are specialist in magic or as we call it Reiki.

Panel 5: ( the boy opened his eye)
Hattori: Thinks:  we Onmyoji are enrolled in here at Kazuya academy to train and participate in the Onmyoji Carnival ,where our skills are put to the test in a game to see if we're ready to become full Onmyoji Warriors. As of right now it's just me and my sister Uzume on a team but to advance any further we need to more member

page 8:

Panel 1: (The boy leans against the wall)

Hattori:  think continue : But as our reputation stands  no one wants to even be around us for some unknown reason we can't think of

Panel 2: ( the boy heard people saying his name:

???:Look here if it isn't Hattori Takayuki the Head master proud son

Panel 3: ( a group of three boys stand there with their arms crossed)

Hattori: Oh great… three members from the Student Law council. What do you guys want now?

Panel 4: (Show all four of them in a side view)

Member 1: this morning your points went up a thousand points, how did this occur?

Member 2: He's so low in points he probably did some sneaking around doing illegal fights

Member 3:  Just because he's the head master's son he thinks he can do whatever he wants

Panel 5: (Hattori eyes slightly closed in anger)

Hattori: I don't have time to play your stupid games, what do you want?

Panel 6:  (member one came in Hattori face with an evil smirk)

Member one: It's a shame that Head Master  Shiba  ordered the entire school board to hide the truth about your parent …Im so dieing to tell you

Page 9:

Panel 1: ( hattori grabbed the members shirt lifting him up )

Hattori: Keep talking, get me anymore mad it will be your last words

Panel 2: (The other two members got in a stance behind member one like their ready to fight

Member two: Put him down you lowly punk

Member three:  We order you to put him down!

Member one: You dare threaten a member of the Law council you forget where you stand!

Panel 3: (Hattori dropped him as he landed on the ground hattori gave them an evil look)

Hattori: Say anymore lies, and I won't hesitate to kill you law council or not

Panel 4: (member one sat up)

Member one: That's why everyone hates you son of the destroyer of this of Tsuneo!

Panel 5: The bell rang as Hattori stopped in his tracks)

Hattori: …

Page 10:

Panel 1: The students began coming out of there classes as the hear a punch sound

Panel 2: Member one landed on the ground again hard as the students surrounded them)

Panel  3: ( Member one wiped his mouth with his arm)

Member one: Didn't like what I had to say, what can't handle the truth that Head master isn't your father?!

Panel 4: (Hattori pulled his sword out of the sheath)

Hattori: I had enough of you!!

Panel 5: (Hattori ran at them with his sword)

Panel 6: (A man appeared in front of him cutting him off)

Panel 7: (Hattori stopped)

Hattori: F…father…

Page 11:

Panel 1: ( uzume came out the crowd standing next to hattori)
Uzume: Hattori, What happened

Panel 2: ( Uzume Looked an saw Head master)
Uzume: Father,  What's going on here?

Panel 3: (Head master looked at hattori with a serious face)
Head master: Takayuki Hattori Put down your weapon, pulling your blade out on a Law council member is a serious offence that can have serious consequences.

Panel 4: (Hattori sheathed his sword)

Hattori: Tch.

Panel 5: (Head master crossed his arms)

Head master: I want to see you and Uzume in my office Now

Panel 6: Uzume gave a confused sad look)

Uzume: b-but what did I do??

Panel 7:
Head Master: Care to explain the boost in points?

Panel 8: (Uzume looked down while hattori put his arms behind his head)

Uzume: Awwww..

Hattori: Of course we get busted…

Uzume: Brother, you're not making me feel any better

Hattori: The truth hurts…

Page 12:

Panel 1: (The two were in the head master office sitting)

Panel 2: ( head master  look at them with a serious face so they will know what he tells them is the truth)

Head master: When I found you and enrolled you in the school under my watch I raised you to follow the laws of the Academy One of them begin not to pull out your weapon on a law council.

Panel 3: (Uzume and hattori both looked at the head master with a serious)

Hattori: It's their fault…They started by saying you're not our father

Uzume:  They always start with us, It's not fair

Panel 4: Head master begain speaking

Head master: …I see but be that as it may, you two broke a serious law here… but I'll let it pass…only because I have something to tell you…a secret I've been hiding

Panel 5:  (Hattori and Uzume look at the head master worried)

Hattori: And that is?

Uzume: You can tell us

Panel 6:

Head master: …The law council Is right… Im not your father… I found you guys while you were little…you two were too young to noticed the difference. So I went with it

Page 13:

Panel 1: (Hattori punched a hole in the desk)

Panel 2: ( hattori spoke in anger)

Hattori: You mean to tell me…this whole time….those jerks were right!. You're not our parent!

Panel 3: (Uzume stood up next to Hattori)
Uzume: I'm with my brother on this, Why did we grow up believing a lie!,

Panel 4: (head master banged his hand on the table)

Head master: That's Enough out of both of you!. Remember I'm still head master here…

Panel 5: (head master stood up with his sword in hands)

Head Master: But , there is more…this last thing will shock you

Panel 6: ( Uzume looked at Hattori)
Uzume:  Should we…should we hear the rest?

Panel 7: (Hattori nodded)

Hattori: Y-yeah

Panel 8: (Head master placed his hand on the desk

Head master: I know who your parents are…I've known them for years

Page 14:

Panel 1: (The twins look at head master)

panel 2: ( head master spoke also showing the back of the twins head)

Head master: Your parents and I was fighting together in the war, They were my closes friends… but I found out something about them…that I was placed to take them out. But I failed

Panel 3:  ( Flashes back showing a image of a village in flames, with head master kneeling down with his sword in the ground and the a man holding a sword to his head)
Head master:  I couldn't cut down my friend…and he and his wife escaped

Panel 4: (Hattori gave a serious look)

Hattori: What does this have to do with us…tell us who our parents id old man

Panel 5: (Uzume looked at Head master with a serious look)
Uzume:  Who are our real parents

Page 15:

Panel 1: ( Head master looked at them

Head master: Your parents are Shouren and Sasumi takayuki .  The Shinigami ….the two warriors that started the great war many years ago, We suspect their still at large

Panel 2: (Hattori's hair covered his eyes)

Hattori: I get it now….

Panel 3: (shows The twins as kids surround by people with mask on in a dark place)

Hattori: We were always picked on or mistreated , all because people knew who's kids we are… It's not fair how people just judge you because of where you come from

Panel 4: (Hattori stands up)

Hattori: But…I swear I'll prove them wrong by being the greatest Onmyoji Warrior ever and beating our parents!

Page 16:

Panel 1: ( Uzume stood up)

Uzume: thinks : That's my brother...)  :  I'm with you all the way Bro~

Panel 2: ( head master looked at them with a smirk)
head master:  So you decided to participate in the war?

Panel 3: (Hattori smirks)

Hattori: Oh we won't just end it…

Page 17:

Panel 1: ( A split screen showing Hattori on the left and Uzume on the right)
Hattori and Uzume: We'll end it once and for all no matter what it takes)
Panel 2: (Head master crosses his arms)
Head master: Very well then. But let me make this clear if you two make one step out of the right direction one wrong step… I will not hesitate to take you out of this world is that clear?

Panel 3:  (Hattori crosses his arms, Uzume puts her hand on her hips)

Hattori: chill out old man… we won't

Uzume:  You trained us to fight in the war for the good and that's what we will do until we did. That's our warrior way

Hattori: We are Onmyoji warriors, Tsuneo's last hope for a brighter future. And with us on the scene the future will be a good on

Panel 4: Head master handed them both a black card with their picture and information)

Head master: Then from this day forward because of your grades and battle skills in training you two are now…Onmyoji Soldier,  May you lead us to victory!

Panel 5: (They both took the cards)

Page 18: ( The two are turned about to head out the door in full body with head master in the back ground with his arms crossed as Hattori and  Uzume  have a serious determine look on their face)

Hattori: We will put an end to what our family caused

Uzume: Once and for all.
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